Date: Monday, January 15, 2024 

Victoria, B.C. – Officers seized six imitation firearms in two days while responding to calls for service during another eventful week for VicPD. 

File: 24-1195 

On Thursday, January 11, just before 8:00 a.m., Patrol officers received report of a man smashing windows on the ground floor of a building in the 200-block of Cook Street. The suspect was located nearby and arrested by responding officers. 

After conducting a search of the suspect, officers located three imitation firearms, 0.22-caliber ammunition, two ounces of drugs, and cash. The imitation firearms were Glock-style pellet guns with air-powered magazines, with a similar look and feel to the firearms used by VicPD. 

Image of Replica Firearm With A Real VicPD Firearm – Can You Tell Which One Is Real? 

The suspect had an outstanding warrant for a previous assault with a weapon incident and was released with conditions and a future court date. 

File: 24-1321 

On Friday, January 12, in the 700-block of Johnson Street, VicPD received report of an argument taking place between a male and a female, and the male appeared to have a handgun tucked in his waistband. 

After a search warrant was approved, officers entered the residence and located two starter pistols, an airsoft pistol, 0.22-caliber ammunition, and shotgun shells. Two males inside the residence were arrested for unlawful possession of a firearm.  

The two males were released with conditions and a future court date. 

As these files are still under investigation or before the courts, additional details cannot be shared at this time. 

VicPD Continues To Encounter Real And Replica Firearms In The Community 

These incidents reflect an ongoing trend, as VicPD officers continue to seize an average of two real or imitation firearms per week in Victoria and Esquimalt, as reported during a deep-dive on real and replica firearms early last year. 

In 2023, officers seized 97 real and 42 imitation firearms, a 73 per cent increase in real firearms over 2022. In situations where real or imitation firearms are involved, officers have to make split-second, life or death decisions on how they respond. 

Cst. Howe Walking Through Safe Handling Procedures For The Hands-On “Real Or Replica” Event 


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