Date: Monday, July 8, 2024 

Victoria, BC – VicPD has published and presented the 2024 Q1 Community Safety Report Cards (CSRC) for Victoria and Esquimalt.   

On July 4, Chief Del Manak presented the 2024 Q1 CSRC to Victoria City Council, wrapping up the Q1 reporting period. The 2024 Q1 CSRC for Esquimalt was presented on May 13.    

Both reports can be accessed on Open VicPD, the one-stop hub for information about the Victoria Police Department.     

The report cards provide a summary of notable files, crime prevention efforts and community engagement activities in the City and Township from January 1 to March 31, 2024.  

In a significant move forward, we launched a new Cybercrime section in January. This unit has already had an impact, contributing to the recovery of funds in a $1.7 Million fraud and money laundering case, and recovering cryptocurrency for at least four other victims in Q1. Cybercrime staff have been raising awareness of cyber security within VicPD and within the community, empowering both officers and staff to combat this growing concern.  

Also of note in the first quarter for Victoria, calls for service for Property Crimes decreased significantly, with Theft from Auto down 46 per cent, Break and Enter down 45 per cent and Bike Theft down 37 per cent from 2023.