2.2 Perception of Accountability

Being accountable to our citizens is a key element of being a community-based police service that earns the trust and respect of the public. That is why VicPD asks specific questions to measure accountability in our community surveys. This chart reflects the perception of accountability among citizens in Victoria and Esquimalt as expressed through past VicPD community surveys. Specifically, it shows the percentage of respondents who indicated that they agree, disagree or don’t know if VicPD is accountable. Click here to learn more about VicPD community surveys.


“Based on your own personal experience, or what you have read or heard, please indicate whether you agree or disagree that the Victoria police are accountable?”

Percentage of respondents who agree or disagree with this statement. Figures may not total 100% due to responses such as “No answer” or “I don’t know”.

Source: VicPD Community Survey