File #     14-23580Date:     Wednesday, June 5, 2014Listen: VicPD Reserve Constables Nab Man Openly Drinking in Car with Kids Victoria BC – Two VicPD Reserve Constables are being credited with spotting and intervening as an out-of-town driver was observed drinking beer while driving with his kids. The Reserve Constables were returning from volunteering at a “Cel Watch” distracted driving awareness activity and were driving northbound on Blanshard Street at approximately 5 p.m., heading back to VicPD headquarters for the annual VicPD Volunteer and Reserve Constable Appreciation night.Their attention was drawn to the 40-year-old St. Paul, Alberta man, as he was drinking an open beer in the vehicle. As the Reserve Constables were calling for a uniformed officer to attend, they watched the man throw the empty beer bottle into the back seat, right next to his two young children. He then opened another and started drinking. Officers quickly intercepted the vehicle and found an open bottle of beer in the coffee cup holder. “The actions of these Reserve Constables demonstrate how valuable this program is for the citizens of Victoria and Esquimalt,” said Mark MacIntyre, VicPD’s Director of Public Affairs and Crime Prevention Services.  “They noticed this illegal activity, reported it to VicPD officers, and helped ensure that our streets remain as safe as they possibly can be.”  The driver did not fail a roadside screening device test, but was issued tickets under the Liquor Control and Licensing Act as well as the Motor Vehicle Act totaling $590.00.Follow-up with partner agencies is being conducted concerning the actions of this man with his children present.