Employer Information

It is recommended that employers/agencies only accept original Police Information Check forms from applicants. The original document will be embossed with “VICTORIA POLICE DEPARTMENT” crest to ensure authenticity, additionally there will be an original date stamp.

As some applicants require their Police Information Checks for multiple employers/agencies, employers can accept photocopies.  However, the applicant should produce the original document for verification of authenticity. It is not important who the check was being completed for but that the correct level of checks was completed (ie Vulnerable Sector Screening). Feel free to accept a copy (based on the above criteria) that was completed for a different agency as long as the check is not outdated.

Victoria Police Department does not put an expiry date on completed Police Information Checks. The onus is in the employer/agency to set guidelines as to how long ago a police record check has been produced and is still acceptable for submission.

It is possible that a person could have a conviction noted in category one and still be negative on a Vulnerable Sector screening pardoned sexual offence conviction. There is a box that will be checked if a Vulnerable Sector screening was completed with negative results. If a check reveals a “possible” pardoned sexual offence the applicant will not be able to receive the completed CR check back from us until such time as a fingerprint comparison has been conducted.

If there are letters attached regarding the Police Information Check information this will be noted on the original form and as an employer you should be ensuring that you see these attachments. They provide information that is pertinent to you.

It is strongly recommended that if information on an applicant disclosed in “Disclosure of Local Police Indices” does not contain enough detail to satisfy your agency’s requirements, you should direct the applicant to conduct an Access to Information or Freedom of Information request with the police agency noted. If we notify that information possibly exists and the employer fails to obtain said information, they could be opening themselves up to liability issues.

Victoria PD is not permitted to discuss specific results of the police record check with anyone except the applicant.

Check for Convictions

If an organization determines that a check just for convictions is required, this can be obtained through the RCMP or an accredited private company by submitting fingerprints to the RCMP’s “Canadian Criminal Real Time Identification Services”.