File #   14-24975Date:   Friday, June 13, 2014Listen: VicPD and Saanich Police Arrest Man after he Leaves Trail of Destruction through Victoria Victoria BC – VicPD Detectives are investigating after a 41-year-old Duncan man was arrested for causing numerous intentional collisions, ramming a police car and driving at pedestrians late last night. Officers were called to the initial incident at approximately 11:30 p.m. last night at Clover Point, along Dallas Road. The 911 caller had been at Clover Point with a friend when the suspect, in a large grey truck, drove up to the driver’s side of his car and bumped up against it.  The suspect then ‘floored’ the truck and tried to push the smaller vehicle out of the way. Thankfully, the driver of the smaller car was able to reverse his vehicle and get out of the way. The suspect in the truck took off.  The victim in the collision was able to obtain a license plate and called 911. As he called, and followed the truck, the driver pulled over, seemingly to wait for the victim. As officers were coming into the area, the driver slowly fled down Dallas Road to Cook Street, passing a VicPD car. The officer turned around and followed the car into a local car dealership on Cook Street, where the driver waited for police. Officers pulled into the car dealership and the suspect reversed his vehicle, ramming the police car numerous times. The suspect then slowly drove off from the parking lot and down Yates Street. Again, the vehicle stopped in the middle of the road, apparently waiting for more police to come on scene. As more officers entered the area, the vehicle drove away again towards a large group of people congregated on the sidewalk outside a club on Yates Street. This sent people fleeing from the car.  The driver then continued down Yates Street to Douglas Street. This entire time, numerous officers were attempting to pull over the vehicle. As the driver proceeded down Douglas Street he again drove towards a bus shelter with someone inside. That person also moved, thinking the car was going to hit him. The vehicle then caused another slow-speed collision at Douglas Street and Fisgard Street before rapidly continuing down Douglas Street. The suspect was finally intercepted in the Mayfair Shopping Centre parking lot by Saanich Police. At that time the man had exited the vehicle and was attempting to fight with officers. Thankfully a Saanich K9 team and contingent of officers were able to take him into custody and end this strange and dangerous flight from police.As the investigation unfolded last night, detectives learned that previous to the Clover Point encounter, the truck had been observed in Centennial Square, driving ‘donuts’. After the driver was identified as the 41-year-old Duncan man, VicPD Detectives contacted the Duncan RCMP to have them check his residence. When the RCMP officers arrived they found the front door open. Concerned for the well-being of anyone inside officers entered and found an active marijuana grow-op inside. The RCMP continues to investigate. “I am extremely proud of the way both our officers, and our colleagues with Saanich Police and Duncan RCMP, were able to successfully conclude this event,” said VicPD Chief Constable Frank Elsner. “The hard work started last night by keeping residents of Victoria and Saanich safe and now the work will continue with what will undoubtedly be an extensive investigation.”VicPD Detectives are now requesting anyone who may have witnessed this event, specifically in the following areas; Centennial Square, Clover Point, Cook and Yates streets, the bus stop at Douglas and Yates streets, Douglas and Fisgard streets or Mayfair Shopping Centre to come forward to help  in the investigation. Anyone who has information is asked to call the VicPD Detective tip line at 250-995-7444 and reference file 14-25044.The suspect will be the subject of a tele-bail hearing this afternoon and officers are looking to recommend numerous charges including, resisting arrest, four counts of failing to stop at the scene of a collision, flight from police officer, assault with a weapon, dangerous operation of a motor vehicle and two counts of assaulting a police officer.     -30-