File # 14-42719
Date: Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Listen: Off-duty Arrest Solves Series of Thefts

Victoria BC – An astute off-duty officer is being credited with solving several theft from auto files with the arrest of a man caught in the midst of a break-in.

The off-duty officer was in his personal vehicle and driving in the area of Joseph and Bushby streets when he saw a bicycle laying on the ground between two vehicles and sticking out into the road. Considering that as suspicious, the officer slowed and maneuvered around the bike, stopping to move it from the road to the sidewalk.

As he went to move the bike he noticed a truck beside him with the interior light on and someone rustling inside. The man stepped out of the truck and the officer recognized him as someone he had dealt with when in his “professional capacity”.

The officer arrested the man and called for on-duty officers to attend.

After the arrest, and attendance by patrol officers, it was revealed that the suspect had likely been responsible for a series of thefts from cars up and down the street.

The investigation is still ongoing but officers are looking to recommend charges of theft against the 23-year-old Victoria man.