Date:   Dec 17, 2014

Victoria BC – Yesterday afternoon, a 10-year-old named Kian came to VicPD, dropping off gifts for those in need to VicPD staff and representatives from Rock Bay Landing shelter.

Kian wanted to do something special for those in need, and crafted ten gift bags filled with gloves, socks, toiletries and goodies destined for those on the street. VicPD staff, including Deputy Chief Del Manak, were on hand to help get the gifts to those in need.

Rock Bay Landing staff members Don McTavish and Joann Connolly accepted the gifts and are ready to hand them out to lucky recipients.

“We were honoured to meet Kian and be a part of this great initiative,” said VicPD Deputy Chief Del Manak. “Kian is a great community member and truly gets what this season is all about.”

The gifts are now destined for Rock Bay Landing where staff will help distribute them.