Date:   Jan 26, 2015

Victoria, BC – VicPD’s Chief Constable Frank Elsner and the Downtown Victoria Business Association (DVBA) are partnered to present the VicPD Business Survey results in Centre Court at the Bay Centre.

Serving as the second round of consultations done in Victoria and Esquimalt, the VicPD Business Survey asked businesses in these communities for feedback on topics ranging from service satisfaction to how VicPD can help the business community.

In 2014 VicPD undertook comprehensive community and business surveys to find out what the citizens of Victoria and Esquimalt think about the safety of their communities and the quality of policing service.

The community survey results were released in late September 2014. The business survey results are now ready for public release. Graciously hosted by The Bay Centre, Chief Elsner and VicPD staff, along with the DVBA were released on Tuesday, January 27th in Centre Court. The intent is to reach a broad audience of business people, community members, and media partners.

Here are a few highlights:

  • 136 businesses in both Victoria and Esquimalt were surveyed with a very high response rate of 45%;
  • More businesses (35%) believed crime had decreased than stayed the same (27%) or increased (26%);
  • 80% believe Victoria and Esquimalt are safe places to own a business; and
  • 84% are somewhat or very satisfied with VicPD’s service.