Date:   Feb 24, 2015

Victoria BC –  A recent immigrant to Canada had his bike stolen on Tuesday, February 10th, but thanks to some helpful citizens and dedicated VicPD officers, he’s riding again.

Officers received a call from the theft victim, a 30-year-old Central Saanich man, who had recently moved to Canada. He was reporting that his bike was stolen from in front of a local business while he was inside.

The new bike was just purchased and was his only means of transportation to his job. He had temporarily parked the bike in front of a store in the 1400-block of Douglas Street. While inside he turned to notice someone jumping on the bike and riding away. The victim ran after the suspect shouting for help.

A passerby heard the yelling and followed the suspect in his car only losing sight of the suspect when they jumped into a fenced off area.  VicPD officers searched for the suspect and the bike to no avail.

Officers continued their investigation and for days afterward found no trace of the bike. Finally, eight days later, a member of VicPD’s Focused Enforcement Team located the bike chained to a fence in the 700-block of Queens Avenue.

The bike was returned to a very thankful owner last Thursday.

“This is a great example of everyone working together to make this a better place to live,” said Chief Constable Frank Elsner.  “VicPD officers picked up where a ‘Good Samaritan’ left off and tracked down this bike thanks to their vigilance and a good description of the bike from its owner.   This person, who is a newcomer to Canada, now has his primary means of transportation back in his possession where it belongs.”