Date:   Jul 22, 2015

Yesterday, Tuesday, July 21st, Deputy Chief Steve Ing bestowed four VicPD Civic Service awards on members of the community.

The VicPD Civic Service Award was created as a way to recognize community members or officers who have stepped up and done the right thing in challenging situations.

On Monday, June 22nd, at approximately 6:30 in the evening, officers were called to the area of Cook and Chambers streets for reports of a man with a gun. Callers described the man in detail and said that he had a handgun and was not only pointing it at himself, but at others in the streets.

Both Robin Stevenson and Cheryl May saw the suspect with the gun while out with their child. They both remained calm and found someone with a cellphone to aide in getting help on scene.

Brian Hutchinson, in Victoria on assignment from the National Post, saw the man with the gun, and actually had the gun pointed at him. He stayed calm, phoned us and was able to pass on crucial information.

Hannah Cluff saw the suspect while she was on the street.  She returned to her home, got a cell phone, exited the safety of her home and followed the male towards Cook Street. Throughout the entire incident, she was either following the suspect or looking for him, and relaying details to Dispatch.  She believed the gun was real and feared for her safety and that of others.

The quick actions of these four gave VicPD officers the information they needed to deal with this incident in a safe and quick manner and yesterday they were recognized.