Date:   Jan 26, 2016

This morning, we were forwarded this email from a member of our community who observed our officers at work:

“Just witnessed outside my home window one of the best displays Victoria’s community policing at work.

Young guy, tweaking hard, no shoes, etc stumbles on an end of weekend gold mine of bottles piled outside my neighbour’s house. Poor guy Is far too messed up to sort out how to pick up and carry this bounty but he’s also unable to walk away so for the last hour I’ve been observing he sufferable loop that he is stuck in – grab, fail, abandon, return, repeat.

Apparently a neighbour called the police claiming this guy was trying to break into cars; he wasn’t. I went out to explain what I was observing and the solution arrived at by the two officers was to collect the gentleman and help place his bounty of bottles into the patrol car so they could deliver him to the bottle depot. Made the guy’s day for sure and saved him (and those of us watching him) a lot of torment.

Awesome and surely just one of a million stories from today alone, but wanted to share all the same.”

We appreciate you taking the time to share what you saw with us.