Date:   Feb 01

File:       16-3817

Victoria, BC – The “Canada Revenue Agency” Scam has resurfaced in Victoria and Esquimalt, and officers are once again asking the public to speak with their loved ones to inform them of the risks.

The fraudulent callers leave voicemails demanding potential victims call them back or face immediate criminal sanctions for allegedly unpaid or fraudulently filed taxes. The callers are highly aggressive and have intimidated many potential victims. The urgency with which these fraudsters demand action and the threatened repercussions are so severe that potential victims have attended our Caledonia Ave headquarters to tearfully “turn themselves in.” Unfortunately, in addition to the emotional damage, investigators have learned of several instances over the last 14 months in which victims have sent money to the fraudsters.

Recently Burnside-Gorge Community Resource Officer Cst. Kathi Brown spoke with a group of seniors about the CRA scam. The following week she was contacted by a senior who had received a number of calls from the fraudsters. When Cst. Brown called the 1-844-567-5403 number left by the callers, the fraudsters answered the phone with “Canada Revenue Agency.” The victim in this case did not fall prey to the scammers and despite being frightened by the callers, did not send any money.

Fraud investigators are urging members of our community to speak with friends, colleagues and loved ones about this fraud. Being able to recognize a potential fraud is the single best action that can be taken against these fraudsters.

In order to help keep potential victims informed, investigators are releasing recordings of another attempt by “Canada Revenue Agency” scammers to defraud an victim. A playlist of these recordings can be reviewed here:

In this example a  “Canada Revenue Agency” scammer leaves a threatening message on a potential victim’s voicemail.

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