Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Victoria, BC VicPD Recruiting Sgt. Greg Holmes is answering questions from potential recruits on Reddit, in another VicPD first.

Reddit, a popular online social media based forum, has seen AMA (Ask Me Anything) conversations from U.S. President Obama, Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk and comedian Jerry Seinfeld. AMAs are conversations in which Reddit users, known as  Redditors, can interact directly in a threaded-format conversation with AMA hosts. While VicPD has done previous AMAs on topics like traffic enforcement in Victoria, this recruiting AMA is a first. Sgt. Holmes will be answering questions from potential new and experienced recruits over the three-day period of November 23-25.

In addition to visiting university and college campuses, job fairs, community meetings and other engagement opportunities across the province, Sgt. Holmes has hosted previous recruiting chats on Twitter, including a Twitter chat which focused on women in policing careers and featured Detective Sgt. Kristi Ross and Cst. Jessica Moretto. Sgt. Holmes is also a regular contributor to the Blue Line Law Enforcement Online Forum.

“It’s important to reach out to potential officers where they live and in a manner they want to communicate through,” Sgt. Holmes said. “This Reddit AMA allows us to do that.” The on-going Reddit AMA appears in both law enforcement and geographically related subreddits from Victoria to Alberta and runs from November 23rd through to the end of day, November 25th.   

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