Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Victoria, BC – Frauds continue to have large impact on the citizens of Victoria and Esquimalt. March is Fraud Prevention Month, and the Victoria Police Department, alongside police departments, public service, commercial and government organizations across the country will be sharing information that can help fight frauds. We can’t do it alone, however. We need you to help us protect our communities. The best way you can help is by learning how you can protect yourself and those who love.

Over the month we’ll be working with partners in the community and the media to tell you what you need to know to “target harden” yourself and your loved ones. Each day you’ll see information posted on our Twitter and Facebook using the #FPM2017 tag about a type of fraud that’s prevalent in our communities. Each week you’ll see a “Fraud Friday” story with CTV’s Louise Hartland where we take an in-depth look at a fraud that has had an impact here. You’ll see an article in this month’s DVBA newsletter and in Victoria News talking focusing on frauds that impact business and our homes respectively.

“In 2015 and 2016, frauds took more from our communities than bank robberies did,” A/Chief Del Manak said. “While frauds often target our most vulnerable, they hurt all of us. Working together, we can help end their impacts in Victoria and Esquimalt.”

We’ll be inviting you to two “open-house” style Fraud Prevention talks, presented by our volunteer Reserve Constables. The first of these talks will be hosted at our 850 Caledonia Avenue Headquarters on Thursday, March 9th at 7:00 pm. You can RSVP here. A further talk will be hosted in Esquimalt during the week of March 20th – 24th. Further details and an invite to that meeting will be shared shortly.

For more information on fighting fraud please visit or visit the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre at