Thursday, March 23, 2017

Victoria, BC –  As Distracted Driving Month continues, local police services are still working to educate drivers and enforce distracted driving laws.  


On March 1st, we began a month-long campaign along with ICBC, the Saanich Police Department and the CRD Integrated Road Safety Unit to target drivers who continue to use electronic devices while driving.

So far, VicPD’s Traffic members have issued 58 tickets to motorists for using an electronic device while driving.  

Through the course of their duties, VicPD Traffic members have seen a wide variety of excuses including:


  • “I was editing a photo for my daughter’s (19th) birthday.”


  • “I didn’t sync my Bluetooth yet and had to take a work related call.”


  • “I was just checking the time.”


  • “I wasn’t driving.  I was stopped at the light.”


  • “My boss was calling me, I had to answer.”


  • “I wasn’t using it, I was just holding it.”


  • “I don’t know why I was using it, I even have Bluetooth equipped in my car.”


  • “I kids were sick this morning and I am late and need to find which parking lot to go to.”


  • “I never took my eyes off the road”


VicPD’s Traffic Section, along with our partners, will continue our efforts to make local streets safer.