Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Victoria, BC – At this time of the year, we see an increase in people shopping at malls, downtown and online.  Sadly, we also see an increase in the reports of thefts.  

When shopping in and around the downtown area, it is important to remember not to leave valuables in your vehicles.  Theft from vehicles is a crime of opportunity that we see often during the holiday shopping season. When you eliminate the opportunity, your chance of having your car broken into is minimized.

Again this year, our Reserve Constables and volunteers will be continuing their involvement with the Lock Out Auto Crime (LOAC) program. In years past, this program has been a great way to educate people on how to prevent theft from vehicles. They regularly see money, smart phones, laptops and other expensive electronics all in plain view, alongside recently purchased presents and gifts. If you find a LOAC notice on your vehicle this holiday season, our volunteers were there to help remind you how you can reduce the chance of theft from your vehicle.

Over the past few months, we have seen an increase of theft from vehicles in the downtown area including in parkades. The majority of the thefts involved an expensive electronic item that was left in a vehicle.

With the increase in online shopping, we’re also seeing an increase in theft of parcels that are left at homes or buildings throughout Victoria and Esquimalt.  If you live in a building, don’t let strangers in as there has been thefts of packages recently from apartment buildings. Typically, these thieves wait for someone to open the door or attempts to get somebody to buzz them in. It is important to track your packages either by asking for a delivery time or going online to track them.  

If you have been the victim of theft, you can report it to us either online at or by telephone at 250-995-7654