Thursday, April 12, 2018

Victoria BC – In 2017, we received over 7,300 abandoned 911 calls. These calls were handled by the 38 staff who work shifts in the Communication Centre.


These types of calls take an inordinate amount of time to deal with as each one is treated as real until it can be proven otherwise. Here are some tips to help yourself and help us:


  • Old cell phones can still dial 911. Please remove batteries of old phones if you are giving them to children to use. Numerous 911 calls last year have been children on the line


  • Help prevent accidental 911 calls by protecting your cellphone, locking the keypad and storing it in such a way that it cannot accidentally dial


  • Do not program 911 into any telephone as speed dials cause accidental calls 


  • If you do accidentally dial 911 please DO NOT hang up. Stay on the line and answer call taker questions so they can ensure you are safe and confirm it was a misdial.  Occasionally, depending on the circumstances, a police officer may be dispatched in order to see if you’re OK


  • Please do not test 911 to see if it is working.


Please do your part in order to allow our staff to be free to answer emergency 911 calls.