Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Victoria, BC – Seven citizens were honoured with VicPD Civic Service Awards today in a ceremony in our Hall of Honour.

Speaking to the recipients in a ceremony shared by family, friends, VicPD officers and staff, Chief Manak remarked on the courage and dedication to keeping others safe that connects them.

“All 7 of you have been nominated for making a decision to act in the interest of your communities,” Chief Manak told the awardees. “You stepped up and took decisive action to help someone in medical distress, protect a fellow co-worker, and assist VicPD officers, which in turn helps protect us all.  You stood up for what is right and good and honourable.”

The VicPD Civic Service Award was created as a way to recognize community members who have stepped up and done the right thing in our communities.


Our latest VicPD Civic Service Award Recipients

Brad Erickson was recognized for his assistance when discovering a woman in medical distress at his place of work on June 2nd, 2018. Not only did Brad provide CPR to the woman, but, once first responders arrived, he continued to provide information to investigating officers and support to his staff.

Archie Acosta, Brandon Racine, and Simarjit Singh were all recognized for an incident involving a violent suspect who fought with police after a short foot chase. One of the officers received non-life-threatening injuries in the incident, yet the three continued to both assist in the arrest and, once officers had gained control of the suspect, kept the gathering crowd safe. The suspect was charged in the incident and the officer recovered from her injuries.

Shane Craven was recognized for his role in coming to the aid of a coworker who was suddenly attacked by an armed, masked assailant. Shane intervened, and with the help of coworker Paul Salopree (who was unable to attend the ceremony), was able to halt the attack, detain the suspect, and keep others safe. The officers who nominated the men for the Civic Service Award remarked on the courage and awareness they displayed.

Phil Ruskowski was recognized not for an individual act, but for 18 years of services as a mechanic and vehicle safety inspector. He has provided the Victoria Police Department with post-collision mechanical inspections of vehicles for the past 18 years. With an average of 10 per year he has completed nearly 180 vehicle inspections for the Victoria Police Department. Phil has also testified as an expert witness in both Provincial Court and the BC Supreme Court. He has attended scenes involving vehicle incidents and has thoroughly examined vehicles in the days following collisions. His expertise is vital to our collision investigations. 

The VicPD Civic Service Awardees names will be added alongside others recognized for courage, bravery and selfless service in our Hall of Honour.