Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Victoria BC- This week is National Police Week across Canada, and we’re highlighting some of the great work of our officers and civilian members who work on a daily basis to make Victoria and Esquimalt safer and more vibrant communities.

National Police week began in 1970 and is a way for communities to learn about what police do and the services that they provide.  On March 8th, VicPD held the annual Honours Ceremony to recognize some of the outstanding work of our officers and civilian members. In total, 41 officers and support staff were recognized. The awards were presented in two categories – the Police Exemplary Service Medal, followed by Chief and Deputy Chief Constables’ Commendations.

One of those recipients was Constable Kelsi Yoxall. Constable Yoxall received the Chief Constable Commendation for Meritorious Service after her actions at a call on December 20th, 2018.

In the early evening, Constable Yoxall and her partner attended for the report of a man threatening to harm himself. As the first officers on scene, Constable Yoxall and her partner were met with a man who was bleeding profusely from his neck. Without hesitation, or without the use of protective equipment,  Constable Yoxall immediately began rendering emergency medical aid to the man. As Constable Yoxall’s partner held the actively resistive man down, Constable Yoxall pinched closed the man’s damaged carotid artery, significantly reducing the further loss of blood. As other on-duty patrol officer arrived on scene, members were able to control the man while waiting for the arrival of Emergency Health Services. 

Once the paramedics arrived, the man was loaded into the ambulance and rushed to the Emergency Department. Throughout this entire period of time, Constable Yoxall maintained her position of pinching the man’s carotid artery closed. 

Constable Yoxall’s quick and decisive actions, and through the Emergency Department’s further life-saving measures, the man’s life was saved. Had it not been for Constable Yoxall’s actions, the victim would have died as a result of significant arterial blood loss. 

Congratulations to Constable Kelsi Yoxall on her commendation.