Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Victoria BC – Following a 12-month extradition process, VicPD detectives flew to France last week to bring back a fugitive who had fled prior to his trial for attempted murder.

In December of 2016, VicPD Major Crime Unit detectives arrested Sebastian Normandin for attempted murder following an incident where he allegedly attempted to strike a former girlfriend and her partner with his vehicle. After his initial arrest, Normandin was released by the courts pending his trial and subsequently fled Canada.

Investigators later learned that he had fled to France where he was hiding from Canadian and French authorities.  VicPD detectives, with the assistance of several partner agencies including the Regional Domestic Violence Unit, used warrants and tracking software to pinpoint Normandin’s location in France in 2018.  Once located, investigators began the lengthy process of working with Interpol, the Canadian Department of Justice and an RCMP officer stationed in France to request Normandin’s extradition back to Canada to stand trial.

VicPD detectives flew to Paris last week following the 12-month process of extradition which involved court proceedings in France and authorization from the French Prime Minister. On Friday, October 18th, detectives returned Normandin to Victoria where he is currently being held in custody pending a bail hearing.

“This has been a very lengthy process and I’m really proud of our entire team for being dedicated to this file to ensure our community knows that we take these files very seriously,” said Detective Sergeant Shawn Robson.  “Without the amazing efforts from our community partners here on Vancouver Island as well as in France, Mr. Normandin would still be at large.”