Victoria, BC – VicPD Crime Watch Volunteers conducted 16,757 Lock Out Auto Crime vehicle checks in Victoria and Esquimalt from mid-June to early November of this year. These checks are part of our combined efforts to combat the steep increase we’ve seen in thefts of valuables from vehicles.

“Prolific property thieves will spot valuables left in a vehicle, whether it be a cellphone, change in a cup holder, or a laptop left under a jacket in the back seat. They’ll smash a window and be gone in seconds,” Cst. Matt Rutherford said. “By reminding people to take their valuables with them, our Crime Watch Volunteers are an invaluable resource in helping stop these crimes before they can occur.”

The Lock Out Auto Crime program is a joint program supported by ICBC. Both VicPD Reserve constables and VicPD Crime Watch volunteers conduct Lock Out Auto Crime patrols. With the increased theft from vehicle reports received over the last six months, volunteer response to heavily hit neighbourhoods has been a key tactic in efforts to reduce these crimes. The over 16,000 Lock Out Auto Crime vehicle checks were completed by VicPD Crime Watch Volunteers over a 6 month period. VicPD Reserve constables have also conducted a large number of checks.

“Our Crime Watch volunteers take real pride in the work they are doing to help keep Victoria and Esquimalt safe, and rightfully so,” Volunteer Program Coordinator Tara Gilroy-Scott said. “Our volunteers give of their time and talents to help augment our ranks and are a cornerstone of our combined response to crime trends.”

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