Victoria, BC – Two VicPD officers are being recognized for aiding two women while off-duty, on vacation, in Hawaii.

On December 20th, 2019, Cst. Hayley Swann and Cst. Brent Keddell were off-duty, in Kona, Hawaii for vacation. While doing a morning run and workout, they heard a disturbance, which sounded like a call for help. Both officers ran towards the sounds and discovered two distraught women who were being followed closely by a man who was in the process of assaulting them. One of the woman was visibly injured. The VicPD officers intervened and asked a nearby man to call 911. Cst. Swann stayed with the women to keep them safe, while Cst. Keddell moved the suspect away and stayed with him until local police arrived.

When local police arrived the suspect man was arrested without incident. The women were treated for non-life-threatening injuries.

The arrested man was wanted on warrants for numerous offences including arson. He now faces charges including kidnapping and sexual assault.

“I’m extremely proud of the actions taken by Cst. Swann and Cst. Keddell while off-duty and on a holiday,” Chief Del Manak said. “Their dedication to protect others who need help is part of who they are, both as VicPD officers, and as people.”