Jan 26 | 1000 No new #JamesBayWolf2020 sightings reported to us in well over 12 hours. No need to keep kids & pets inside in the area that we’re aware of. Please stay vigilant, follow BC Conservation Officer Services Twitter for updates. If you see the wolf in a public area, call 911.


1800 | No new sightings of the James Bay wolf have been reported. Officers will continue to patrol James Bay, but are also returning to regular duties. Please continue to be vigilant and consider keeping pets and children indoors overnight. If you see the wolf, please call 911.

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Victoria, BC – Patrol officers and B.C. Conservation Service officers are responding to a confirmed wolf sighting in James Bay. The wolf was originally spotted by a responding Victoria animal control officer just after 3 p.m. today.

Patrol officers are attending parks and public spaces in James Bay to alert parents and families. If you have children or pets in the James Bay area we ask you to bring them inside for the time being.

If you encounter the wolf and it approaches you:

  • Begin scare tactics immediately, well before the wolf is within 100 metres.
  • Do not allow the wolf to approach any closer than 100 metres.
  • Raise your arms and wave them in the air to make yourself appear larger.
  • Use noise makers (i.e. air horns), throw sticks, rocks and sand at the wolf, to scare the wolf away.
  • When in a group, act in unison to send a clear message to the wolf it is not welcome.
  • If the wolf displays aggressive behaviour, back away slowly, do not turn your back on the wolf.

For more information on wolf encounters visit: http://www.env.gov.bc.ca/bcparks/explore/misc/wolves/

If you spot the wolf, please call 911.

For the latest updates on this ongoing incident visit https://twitter.com/vicpdcanada