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Victoria, BC – Three people were arrested after Strike Force officers executed a search warrant late Wednesday afternoon.

Strike Force officers executed the search warrant at a residence in the 1100-block of Kings Avenue late yesterday afternoon. Officers seized over $40,000 in cash, a significant amount of fentanyl, and a large amount of stolen property. The recovered stolen property includes tools and bicycles.


Strike Force officers begin loading recovered stolen property for transport


Officers seized over $40,000 in cash

Recovered bicycles included one valued at over $6,000

Weapons, including replica firearms, a crossbow and a compound bow were also seized.


Three people were arrested. No charges have yet been sworn.

Members of the community approached Strike Force officers who were loading the recovered stolen property into a truck for transport and thanked them for their work.

VicPD’s Strike Force is a covert investigation and operations unit. Strike Force officers continue to focus on prolific property offenders.

Strike Force relies on tips from the public. If you have information about property crime offenders in our community, you can call the Strike Force line directly at (250) 995-7260.