Victoria, BC – With the recent tragic events in Nova Scotia as well as the ongoing need to issue alerts about high-risk missing persons, area-specific rising crime and COVID-19 related updates, VicPD is reminding the public that we have relaunched our updated, rebranded mobile app VicPD Connect to help you stay connected, informed and safe.

VicPD Connect provides push-based notifications. In the event of an active public emergency, we will use VicPD Connect in concert with other public notification systems and social media including our VicPD Twitter account to notify you of what you need to know to stay safe. We also use VicPD Connect for high-risk missing person alerts.

VicPD Connect provides you with a one-stop application that provides online service including the ability to submit crime reports and traffic complaints, get our most recent community updates and submit tips to Greater Victoria Crime Stoppers.

VicPD Connect is a privacy-by-design style app. It does not collect personal information and does not track your location.

The original mobileVicPD app was developed in concert with MobilePD. After several years of offering mobileVicPD, we turned to internal experts to develop this latest version. The internally developed app was created at a cost savings.

You can download VicPD Connect for free on both Google Play and the Apple store. For more information about VicPD Connect visit