File: 20-26371 

Esquimalt, BC –Esquimalt Division officers, who are taking to the Township’s streets and greenspaces for the Esquimalt Division Summer Action Plan, interrupted a mischief in progress and arrested a suspect last night.

Esquimalt Division Community Resource Officers deployed on bikes and conducted a proactive patrol in a high-crime area yesterday as part of the Summer Action Plan. The officers discovered a group tagging near the intersection of Lampson Street and Wurtele Place. The suspects fled, and after a brief bicycle chase, one was taken into custody.

Running from June 25th to September 5th, 2020, the Esquimalt Summer Action Plan sees Esquimalt Division resources deployed primarily on bicycle, on foot and in vehicles, in an effort to proactively mitigate general disorder issues that tend to rise in frequency during the summer months. The three Esquimalt Division officers will be deployed on work days and afternoons, with two of the officers deployed on many Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings.

Officers are deploying with awareness of the need to practice safe physical distancing as we continue to respond to COVID-19.

The goal of the Summer Action Plan is to proactively reduce the incidents of crime and general disorder during the summer months in Esquimalt and Vic West. This is accomplished by having a highly visible uniformed presence before and during peak hours, having a zero tolerance for alcohol-related offences, and by targeting known offenders and problem areas. First launched in 2007, the Summer Action Plan has been effective in mitigating problems before they become more significant issues.

This proactive approach of officers engaging before the problems occur has resulted in fewer issues during the summer around the Esquimalt Recreation Centre, Esquimalt Plaza, area Parks, Beaches and the Vic West Skate Park. The approach has also fostered a closer relationship with the community through the highly visible and accessible deployment of officers on bicycles.

With the warm weather, Esquimalt Division officers have already been deploying to key areas as part of an early start to these proactive community safety efforts.

Over the coming months you will see officers at parks, beaches, schools, and recreation centres in Esquimalt and Vic West. Please feel free to wave hello!