Victoria, BC – Members of a local Facebook group showed their support for VicPD this afternoon with a ‘Thank You’ barbecue.

Howie Allan and members of the “What The Hell Just Happened” Facebook group treated VicPD officers to a barbecue this afternoon at VicPD headquarters. The 27,000 member Facebook group raised money through donations to feed VicPD officers a lunch from Artisan Kitchen and Smokehouse.

This heartwarming gesture comes at a good time for VicPD officers. In the past two weeks six officers have been injured in on-duty assaults. Moments like this help our officers see the support that we enjoy and appreciate from Victoria and Esquimalt first-hand.

VicPD extends our gratitude to Howie Allan and the “What The Hell Just Happened” Facebook group for their kind gesture. Photographs from the event are below.