Victoria, BC – VicPD is always striving to be as transparent and accountable as possible. That’s why we have launched Open VicPD as a one-stop hub for information about the Victoria Police Department.  Here you’ll find our interactive VicPD Community Dashboard, our online quarterly reports, publications, and other information that tells the story of how we are working towards our strategic vision of “A Safer Community Together.”


“Open VicPD is about taking the next step in being open, transparent, and accountable to the communities of Esquimalt and Victoria,” Chief Del Manak said. “This initiative proactively shares key information with our citizens and shows how VicPD is working to achieve our vision of A Safer Community Together.”

Open VicPD is comprised of seven key elements designed to invite citizens to learn more about VicPD and how we deliver community policing:

  • our new VicPD Community Dashboard
  • our new Quarterly Reports
  • our new Strategic Plan 2020
  • Community Surveys
  • Community Updates
  • Publications
  • Crime Maps

The VicPD Community Dashboard and the Quarterly Reports provide data and analysis at different levels of depth, and over different time periods. Some of this information comes directly from VicPD, while other information, like the Crime Severity Index for Victoria and Esquimalt, is produced by outside agencies like Stats Canada. All of the measures are drawn from our Strategic Plan 2020 and from reports created at the direction of the Victoria and Esquimalt Police Board and/or through municipal, provincial and federal data and information sharing agreements. We’ll outline the different areas of Open VicPD and will provide additional in-depth context and features over the weeks and months ahead.

Join Us In Learning More 

We’ll be walking you through each of the goals and their subsequent measures in detail over the coming weeks. Each week, for the next 15 weeks, we’ll look at one of these measures in detail to help you understand what we’re measuring, why we’re measuring it and how we think it helps you track our progress towards achieving our goals. Join us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and to join us in a deeper dive into VicPD.

Now Live

Open VicPD is now live at and on our homepage at

We Want to Hear From You!

As part of our goals to improve your understanding of how we work and what measures we’re using and why, we welcome your feedback. Please email us your questions and suggestions.