“Earlier today, I was in a meeting with members of our Black community where I was asked about my reaction to the inclusion of “ACAB” in a City of Victoria-sponsored mural

I am sharing this statement so my response is known to everyone in the interest of openness and transparency.

For those who are not aware, “ACAB” is an acronym commonly held to mean “All Cops Are Bastards”, although recently, some groups have claimed it to mean “All Cops Are Bad”.

I was made aware of the acronym appearing in the mural last night and spoke with the City Manager about my concerns. The inclusion of ACAB is deeply disrespectful to the women and men of the Victoria Police Department.

I fully support the spirit behind the mural as I understand it to have been originally presented to the City of Victoria. The Victoria Police Department, and I personally, stand behind the call for “More Justice, More Peace.” Justice is not justice if it does not include all members of society. Excluding one group through harmful words seems counter to the very spirit of the mural itself.

I am committed to building stronger relationships with the Black community, the Indigenous community and communities of colour and I will continue to be a full partner in any community conversations aimed at improving the service we provide to the citizens of Victoria and Esquimalt.

My understanding is that the City of Victoria will continue to work with the group that created the mural to seek an inclusive outcome. I fully support these efforts.

In these divisive times, coming together in the spirit of inclusion is the only way to better our shared community.”

Victoria Police Department Chief Constable Del Manak