Date: Friday, August 28, 2020

File: 20-34496

Victoria, BC – A VicPD K9 officer highlighted another reason not to answer your phone while driving after a pulling over a distracted driver in the midst of a CRA scam phone call.

A VicPD K9 officer was stopped at the intersection at Blanshard and Yates streets at approximately 12:30 p.m. today when he noted a vehicle in the centre lane with its signal activated and the driver will his mobile phone up to his ear. The K9 officer pulled the vehicle over. When he approached the driver to ask him why he was on the phone, the driver told the officer that it was a phone call from the Canada Revenue Agency telling him that he owed money and that legal action was going to be taken against him if he didn’t pay. The officer quickly recognized the elements of the now-infamous CRA scam – one more reason why you shouldn’t answer your phone while driving.

The driver of the vehicle did not have valid insurance. The vehicle was towed and a ticket was issued.

CRA scams have become a common fraud in Victoria and Esquimalt. For help in recognizing a fraud, please visit