Date: Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Victoria, BC – The results are in, the analysis complete, and our 2020 VicPD Community Survey results are now available.

As in previous years, all the survey results and associated materials are posted on the OpenVicPD portal on our website at

We will also be presenting the results as well as trends from our 2014, 2017 and 2020 community surveys in an online video, which will be released soon.

Finally, we’re moving from a three-year survey cycle to an annual cycle, which will allow us to better track trends and the needs of our community as part of our new Strategic Plan. This means that the VicPD Community Survey will be back again next year.

“Thank you to all of the residents and businesses in Victoria and Esquimalt who participated in the 2020 VicPD Community Survey,” said Chief Constable Del Manak. “This survey is a cornerstone of our engagement efforts as it allows us to measure the public’s perception of community safety while highlighting how VicPD is doing as your police service.”

We always welcome your feedback and will be glad to receive any questions or comments you may have about our community survey by email at [email protected].