Date: Friday, November 27, 2020

Victoria, BC – This week we look at Public Safety Campaigns. Public Safety Campaigns, both department-initiated and department-supported campaigns, are together, one of fifteen measures on our Community Dashboard, which, along with our online quarterly reports, publications, and other information are part of Open VicPD, and are how we are telling the story of working towards our strategic vision of “A Safer Community Together.”


Public Safety Campaigns – Community Dashboard

Our Community Engagement Division’s primary purpose is to contribute to community safety through proactive and transparent two-way dialogue with our citizens. Public information campaigns are key to this communication effort. This chart shows the number of VicPD-initiated public safety information campaigns as well as the number of external campaigns supported by VicPD through social media and other involvement.

To interact with the chart, you can filter by year on the right side by clicking once on the desired year. You can also filter by campaign type to focus on a specific area. Selecting a specific year will display the annual public safety campaign data in a month-by-month format.

This chart will be updated with 2020 information once the year is completed.

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Up Next

Next week, we take a closer look at our fourth measure under our goal to Enhance Public Trust; the documents we’ve publicly released.

Each week we’re looking at one of our Open VicPD Community Dashboard measures in detail to help you understand what we’re measuring, why we’re measuring it and how we think it helps you track our progress towards achieving our goals.

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