Date: Thursday, December 10th, 2020

File: 20-48246

Victoria, BC –James Beecher, who was wanted on a Canada-wide warrant for parole suspension, has been arrested by Vancouver Police Department officers after being spotted by an alert Vancouver citizen.

James Beecher was arrested by Vancouver Police Department officers

James Beecher was the subject of a wanted alert on Monday after his parole was suspended. Beecher has a history of convictions for drug trafficking, firearms, fraud and property related offences, including forcible entry.

Vancouver Police Department officers arrested Beecher at a downtown Vancouver hotel after he attempted to flee on foot. VicPD Behavioural Assessment and Management Unit (BAMU) officers are thanking the Correctional Service of Canada, members of the media and our community who shared Beecher’s information, as well as the Vancouver Police Department and the alert citizen who spotted Beecher. Your efforts led directly to his arrest.