Date: Monday, January 25, 2021

File: 21-3294

Victoria, BC – A man faces recommended charges after Patrol officers responded to a call about a man with a gun at multi-unit residential temporary housing facility late last night.

Patrol officers were called to a multi-unit residential temporary housing facility in the 100-block of Gorge Road East just before midnight last night for a report that a man with a firearm tucked into his belt was there. Patrol officers arrived and located the man, who was arrested at gunpoint. Officers recovered a realistic replica handgun during the arrest.

The man transported to cells and later released for a future court date. Officers are recommending charges of breach of a court-ordered condition not to possess replica firearms.

Replica firearms present risk to those who irresponsibly possess and display them, to officers, and to our community. Officers must respond to firearms calls as though these weapons are functional firearms until such time as their investigation has determined that the item is, indeed, a replica firearm.