Date: Monday, February 1, 2021 Victoria, BC – The Saanich Police Department and VicPD are excited to announce the formation of the Integrated Canine Service (ICS), effective February 1, 2021. The ICS will work as a team of current Saanich Police and VicPD canine handlers and their police service dogs to serve the communities of Saanich, Victoria, and Esquimalt. The section will operate out of VicPD’s Esquimalt Division headquarters. This partnership will provide police canine service to our community with greater efficiency and better value. We are committed to building a safer community together, and this collaboration between valued regional partners is a key component to delivering excellence in public safety. A video of Chief Green of the Saanich Police Department and VicPD’s Chief Del Manak speaking on the ICS is available below: The Saanich Police Department and VicPD have a long history of successful collaboration and integration with regional partners to provide the highest quality of police service to our communities. We are looking forward to the ICS building on these successes and reflecting our commitment to efficiency and effectiveness.