Date: Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Release of Key Documents Associated with the Victoria/Esquimalt Policing Framework Agreement

Victoria, BC – The Victoria and Esquimalt Police Board is pleased to release two key documents that are central to advancing the Victoria/Esquimalt Policing Framework Agreement. These reports, which were commissioned by the Province of British Columbia and prepared by Doug LePard Consulting, address two main areas:

  1. A new budget allocation formula for the funding of the Victoria Police Department by both Victoria Council and Esquimalt Council as the previous formula had expired; and
  2. An analysis of broader and ongoing Framework Agreement issues.

The Victoria and Esquimalt Police Board is requesting that both Councils support the beginning of the transition to a new budget allocation formula in 2021. Currently Victoria pays 85.3% of the police budget and Esquimalt pays 14.7%. Under the new approach – to be phased in over two years – Victoria would fund 86.33% of VicPD’s budget and Esquimalt would contribute 13.67%. The Board is also proposing that issues of resource deployment in both communities be resolved through the existing process laid out in the Framework Agreement that governs the relationship between Victoria, Esquimalt and the Police Board.

“The Board is very pleased that a new budget allocation formula has been proposed,” said Board lead co-chair Lisa Helps. “This was done through a rigorous and thorough evaluation process and the Board is hopeful that both Councils will receive this proposal favourably.”

“The Victoria and Esquimalt Police Board appreciate the work done on the Budget Allocation Formula and to provide direction for ongoing Framework Agreement challenges,” said Board co-chair Barbara Desjardins.



For further information, contact:

Mayor Lisa Helps


Mayor Barbara Desjardins