Date: Thursday, June 24, 2021

Victoria, BC – VicPD Community Engagement Division staff are asking for your assistance as we work to locate “lost” legacy VicPD Block Watch signs.

In 2018, the VicPD Block Watch Program launched a new sign as part of our larger VicPD Block Watch revitalization. With assistance from the City of Victoria and Township of Esquimalt staff, we’ve replaced all the legacy signs that we have on record.

We’ve discovered, however, that some of the old signs that were not part of our records, are still up in Victoria and Esquimalt. We’re asking for your help in locating them so they too can be retired. An image of an old sign is below.



If you spot one of these “lost” signs while out for a walk or bike ride, please let us know where it is by filling out the following web form. It should take about 90 seconds and will greatly assist us as we continue to revitalize our VicPD Block Watch Program.

VicPD Block Watch is about neighbours helping neighbours.


To learn more information or to join a VicPD Block Watch please contact:

Kimberly Kelley, VicPD Community Programs Coordinator: [email protected]