Date: Tuesday, August 3rd, 2021

Victoria, BC – VicPD Traffic officers are reminding the public about the risks of driving impaired after weekend roadblocks netted 24 impaired drivers.

On the evenings of Friday, July 30th, and Saturday, July 31st, VicPD Traffic officers ran two separate roadblocks at different locations in Victoria and Esquimalt. On Friday, July 30th, officers took nine impaired drivers off the road in a seven hour time period. In addition, officers issued 19 violation tickets for various offences under the Motor Vehicle Act. On Saturday, July 31st, officers took 15 impaired drivers off the road in a six hour time period. In addition, officers issued 23 violation tickets for a variety of Motor Vehicle Act offences. Officers closed the roadblock an hour early due to the amount of administrative work required to document that amount of impaired drivers. Additional tow trucks became unavailable due to the high number of towed vehicles.

In total, officers took 24 impaired drivers off the road over the two days. Each impaired driver’s vehicle was seized and towed for a period of time related to the severity of their driving prohibition. A table outlining the statistics is below.

July 30 – 31st  
12 Hour 2
24 Hour 5
3 Day WARN 11
90-day FAIL 6
Impaired Totals 24

Each year in B.C., 67 people die in crashed involving impaired driving. Almost half of those deaths happen during the summer months. VicPD officers will continue to target impaired drivers throughout the summer.

If you’re going to drink or consume drugs, make the smart choice and plan a safe ride home.