Date: Friday, August 13, 2021

Victoria, BC – The Downtown Victoria Business Association (DVBA), the City of Victoria and the Victoria Police Department (VicPD) are partnering in a series of initiatives to help foster a safe, vibrant downtown Victoria. A key component of this partnership is the DVBA’s Good Neighbour Program and the launch of VicPD Block Watch in downtown Victoria.


DVBA Executive Director Jeff Bray, Victoria Mayor Lisa Helps and VicPD Chief Del Manak proudly display a VicPD Block Watch sign


VicPD Block Watch for downtown Victoria

The VicPD Block Watch program is an inclusive, community-based approach to safe neighbourhoods. The heart of VicPD Block Watch is the simple concept of neighbours looking out for neighbours.

Building on the success of VicPD Block Watch in residential Victoria and Esquimalt, VicPD Block Watch is inviting downtown Victoria businesses and residents to partner with both VicPD and their neighbours to be an additional set of eyes and ears in their community. Participants will be asked to report any suspicious or criminal activity they observe to police, to share what they are seeing with their business and residential neighbours, and to share downtown business and residence-specific crime prevention tips and tools. Businesses and residences participating in VicPD Block Watch will receive a VicPD Block Watch street sign on their block as well as a VicPD Block Watch member sticker to place in their establishment’s window.

“VicPD Block Watch’s success in Esquimalt and Victoria is based on the program’s unique ability to build communities by connecting neighbours,” VicPD Chief Del Manak said. “I’m looking forward to building these same connections to help foster a safer and vibrant downtown.”

DVBA Good Neighbour Program

The DVBA is building stronger connections with downtown businesses through the DVBA Good Neighbour Program. The DVBA recently added Adam Jenkins to their team to coordinate the program which assists in facilitating participation in various initiatives.  The DVBA is seeking to promote and create stronger relationships between downtown businesses and residents through their new Good Neighbour Program. The DVBA hired Adam Jenkins to coordinate the program which assists in facilitating participation in various initiatives. The Good Neighbour Program will bolster the communication channels across downtown residents and business owners, encourage “Scrub Up” cleaning events throughout the area, and support businesses in improving their security measures. The long-term goal of the Good Neighbour Program is to create a connected community, with thousands of eyes on the street, fostering a strong sense of safety and connection with both commercial and residential neighbours.

“A safer, vibrant downtown is one where businesses thrive and communities flourish,” DVBA President Jeff Bray said. “The DVBA Good Neighbour Program, VicPD Block Watch for downtown, and other exciting initiatives are all part of our partnerships that will help build Victoria back even better.”

The City of Victoria is a key partner, providing funding for the initiatives and the expertise of the Public Works department in assisting with the installation of VicPD Block Watch signs in participating blocks downtown.

“The City of Victoria is happy to provide funding for the exciting new DVBA Good Neighbour Program, and to continue to support the VicPD Block Watch program as it expands into downtown,” Mayor Lisa Helps said. “In Victoria we are always looking to the future and the core of that future is a safe, vibrant, and inclusive downtown.

For more information about VicPD Block Watch and to join VicPD Block Watch please contact:  Kimberly Kelley at [email protected]

For information about the DVBA Good Neighbour program and to be part of the initiative please contact: Adam Jenkins at [email protected]

For information about additional City of Victoria programs please contact: Bill Eisenhauer at [email protected]