Date: Tuesday, October 26, 2021

File: 21-43073

Victoria, BC – Patrol officers arrested a man early this morning after he asked them to help him break into an Automated Teller Machine (ATM).

Two fully uniformed Patrol officers were in the 900-block of Yates Street just after 3 a.m. this morning when they observed a man attempting to break into an ATM. Officers approached the man, noted he had already damaged the machine, and observed his continued efforts to gain access to the ATM for approximately two minutes. At that point the man noted that someone was behind him. Without turning, he asked those behind him to help him break into the ATM.

The officers then identified themselves as police and informed the man he that was under arrest. He attempted to flee.

He was taken to the ground where he fought with officers’ attempts to take him into custody. The Patrol officers called for additional units to attend to assist.

After a brief struggle, the man was placed in handcuffs and then taken to VicPD cells.

The man’s attempts to gain access to the ATM rendered the machine out of order before the officers’ arrival. No one was physically injured in the incident.

The man was released as officers continue their mischief investigation.

This file remain under investigation.

If you have information about this incident and have yet to speak with an officer, please call the VicPD Report Desk at (250) 995-7654 extension 1. To report what you know anonymously, please call Greater Victoria Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.