Date: Wednesday, March 9, 2022

File: 22-8672

Victoria, BC – We’re hearing your concerns about potential upcoming protests in the area near the BC Legislature in the next few weeks.

Officers at VicPD, including our VicPD Traffic section, and officers with the Greater Victoria Integrated Public Safety Unit (PSU) have been responding to protests in this area over the past seven weeks.

Safe, peaceful, and lawful protest is protected under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. During a protest event, our first duty is to protect public safety and then to help facilitate an environment that allows for safe, peaceful and lawful protest. Our officers use all the tools at their disposal to do that work. During events, dangerous and/or illegal acts are responded to with de-escalation and enforcement.

While there have been disruptions and noise over the past weeks, we have not seen the occupation of public or private space, or serious incidents that have resulted in significant property damage or physical harm. Where appropriate, VicPD Traffic officers have been responding to Motor Vehicle Act violations with tickets and warnings. The Greater Victoria Public Safety Unit and various other sections here at VicPD and across the region have also been responding to these protests and will continue to do so.

Please feel free to share your concerns about protests with us here at VicPD directly. We’re always available by emailing [email protected].