Date: June 8, 2022

Victoria, BC – The results are in, the analysis complete, and our 2022 VicPD Community Survey results are now available.

Drawn from the responses of 1300 participants who live or work in Victoria and Esquimalt, the statistically significant 2022 VicPD Community Survey captures the impressions, concerns and opinions of the public we serve on topics ranging from crime severity to satisfaction.

As in previous years, all the survey results and associated materials are posted on the OpenVicPD portal on our website at The results, as well as trends from previous community surveys, are presented in an online video which is available on the site.

Our team will follow up the release of the 2022 VicPD Community Survey results with our #OpenVicPD Deep Dives series. Starting today, each Wednesday we’ll take a deeper look at specific results, including looking at the survey methodology itself, 9-year trends in citizen impressions on the use of force and authority, and perceptions of safety. The series runs until July 13th.  We look forward to your questions!

The 2022 Community Survey is part of our continued annual survey cycle, which allows us to better track trends and the needs of our community in alignment with our Strategic Plan.  We also display key community survey results in our VicPD Community Dashboard and our quarterly Community Safety Report Cards, all of which can be viewed at our OpenVicPD information hub.

“Many of those from Victoria and Esquimalt who responded to the 2022 VicPD Community Survey thanked us for the opportunity to provide feedback,” Chief Constable Del Manak said. “On behalf of the department and the survey team, I want to reflect that gratitude back to the survey respondents. By taking the time to do the survey you’re helping us continuously improve our service to our community.”

We always welcome your feedback and will be glad to receive any questions or comments you may have about our community survey by email at [email protected].