Date: Thursday, September 29, 2022

File: 22-37038

Victoria, BC – Temporary CCTV cameras are being deployed in the area of Centennial Square as we work to keep events planned for Friday safe.

With many events planned on Friday, September 30th, VicPD is working to ensure that everyone’s right to safe, peaceful and lawful gatherings are protected and that those who are attending events can do so safely and with peace of mind.

As with previous events, we are deploying our temporary, monitored CCTV cameras in support of our operations to ensure public safety during these events. The deployment of these cameras is part of our operations to help keep Friday’s events safe and peaceful and is in keeping with both provincial and federal privacy laws. Temporary signs are up in the area to ensure that the public is aware. If you’ve concerns about our temporary camera deployment, please email [email protected].

Remember that drones are not permitted in the downtown core. The Inner Harbour is an active flight zone for float planes and helicopters. Drones are strictly prohibited under Transport Canada rules.

For live updates on the events that day, including road closures and public safety messaging, please follow us on Twitter on our @VicPDCanada account. We will be using the #VicPDLive hashtag.


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