Date: March 1, 2023

Victoria, BC – Invitations to participate in VicPD’s 2023 Community Survey will be arriving at businesses and residences across Victoria and Esquimalt soon.

The VicPD Community Survey invitation is mailed each year to a different random sampling of 5,000 addresses in Victoria and Esquimalt to capture the impressions, concerns and opinions of the public we serve on topics ranging from feeling safe, to crime severity, to overall satisfaction. The survey is not open to the general public, as it relies on random sampling to ensure that we draw from a statistically significant and diverse participant group.

As in previous years, the survey results will be posted on the OpenVicPD portal on our website. You can view the results from last year’s survey at

We always welcome your feedback and will be glad to receive any questions or comments you may have about our community survey by email at [email protected].