Date: Thursday, June 29, 2023 

Victoria, BC – VicPD announces a new vehicle, the VicPD Community Rover, designed to enhance our Community Safety programs, engage the citizens of Victoria and Esquimalt in conversations about their police department, and raise awareness of our community values and recruiting focus. 

On Thursday, June 29, the VicPD Community Rover was rolled out in a design reveal event. The Rover is designed to reflect our community values, our partnerships and our recruiting focus.  

Community Rover Announcement Video

The VicPD Community Rover is a no-cost lease from the Civil Forfeiture Office (CFO). When vehicles and other goods are seized as proceeds of crime, they may be referred to CFO, for forfeiture consideration, which can be approved or declined for forfeiture proceedings. When seized vehicles are suitable to be repurposed, police agencies can apply to use them for community and police engagement, and police education programs such as anti-gang efforts. 

You will see the Rover at community and sport events, school visits and recruiting activities. When you see the Rover, you know that you can find an officer, professional staff member, Special Municipal Constable, Reserve Constable or Volunteer who can talk to you about what we do and how you can get involved in creating a safer community together. 

Learn more about the VicPD Community Rover at  



We’re seeking qualified candidates for both police officer and professional staff positions. Thinking about a career in public service? VicPD is an equal-opportunity employer. Join VicPD and help us make Victoria and Esquimalt a safer community together.