Date: Friday, July 21, 2023 

Files: 23-26338, 23-26373 

Victoria, BC – Officers are reminding you of steps you can take to help protect your bicycle after two recent bike thefts. 

File 23-26338 | Suspect Arrested After Stealing Bicycle from Vehicle 

Just before 9 p.m. Wednesday night officers were called to a theft in progress after witnesses observed a man break into a vehicle and steal a bike in the 500-block of Pembroke Street. Officers quickly located the suspect nearby and took him into custody. The suspect, who had received a non-life-threatening injury to his hand while breaking into the vehicle, was transported to hospital, and later released with a future court date.  

File 23-26373 | Suspects Target Bike Storage Locker 

At approximately 2:15 a.m. yesterday morning Patrol officers were called to the 800-block of North Park Street after a resident spotted a group breaking into a bike storage locker. An officer located one of the suspects on a bike and took the suspect into custody. During the search incident to arrest officers located break-in instruments including a drill, bolt cutter, and a mallet as well as cash and drugs. The suspect was transported to VicPD cells and released with a future court date. 

How You Can Help Protect Your Bike from Determined Thieves 

A locked vehicle or storage locker did not deter the bike thieves in either of these files. When possible, keep your bike stored indoors. Areas that are commonly targeted for bike theft include the street, carports and garages, sheds, backyards, porches, parkades and bike storage rooms. If you leave your bike outdoors or in an indoor bike storage area reduce the risk of it being stolen by locking the tires and frame with a sturdy lock. When downtown, utilize the City of Victoria’s free bike valet service.  

Time is of the essence for recovering a stolen bike. 

Take photos of your bike and record the serial number, make, and model and any distinctive features. Register your bike with a service like Project 529 Garage. The quicker you report your bike stolen and the more details you provide about your bike the more likely it is it will be recovered and returned to you. 

VicPD targets bike theft using the bait bike program. This program was initiated in 2016 and involves deploying bikes in areas of frequent bike theft. 

Both arrests resulted from citizens spotting the crimes in progress and calling 911. If you see a crime in progress, call 911.