Date: Friday July 28, 2023  

Victoria, BC – Following up on the release of the 2023 VicPD Community Survey findings, we’re taking some deeper dives into the data.  

For the second of our #OpenVicPD 2023 Community Survey Deep Dives, we are looking at what respondents told us about how they feel crime in Victoria and Esquimalt has changed in each year over the last five years, and since the beginning of our surveys  

Statistics Canada Crime Severity Index and the VicPD Community Survey’s Perception of Crime 

While the VicPD Community Survey measures respondents’ perceptions of crime, Statistics Canada measures the Crime Severity Index (CSI), which incorporates both the count and severity of crime, annually. Statistics Canada’s annual CSI measures are part of our Open VicPD Community Dashboard and are an important barometer for community safety. Taken together, these two measures provide insight into the crime that is being reported and how safe people feel in the communities in which they live, work and play. 

Statistics Canada has released the 2022 CSI for Victoria and Esquimalt. While we are glad to see a 10.9% decrease in violent crime in Victoria, at 157.7, Victoria’s CSI remains the highest for any municipally policed jurisdiction in BC, significantly above the BC average.  

Esquimalt’s CSI shows a slight, 1.9% increase in violent crime, but a 7.4% CSI reduction to a comparatively low CSI of 42.9. 

To avoid confusion, it is important to know that Statistics Canada also releases a CSI for the entire Victoria Census Metropolitan Area (CMA) as the Victoria (CMA) CSI. The naming similarities can cause confusion as the CMA runs from Sidney to Sooke and includes many areas outside of VicPD’s service area. The Victoria (CMA) CSI and the Victoria (Municipal) CSI measure similar things but in significantly different geographic areas.  

Also, the Victoria and Esquimalt municipal CSIs began to be reported separately in 2020. This separation means that comparing the pre-2020 Victoria (Municipal) CSI, which was based on combined information for both Victoria and Esquimalt, to 2020 and beyond separated CSIs do not provide a like to like comparison.  

During our last deep dive, we took a look at our methodology, explaining how the survey was conducted, who we heard from and what the margin of error for the survey is, which helps us interpret the results. 

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