Date: Tuesday, June 4, 2024

VicPD File: 24-19029

West Shore RCMP File: 24-10246

Victoria, BCIn a collaborative effort by VicPD, Saanich Police and West Shore RCMP, a female was arrested following a robbery involving a taxi on Friday night. Charges have been sworn against the accused, Samantha McDonald, including one count of Robbery and one count of Possessing a Weapon for Dangerous Purpose.

Just before 11:30 pm on May 31, VicPD received a report from a taxi driver in the 500-block of Johnson Street who had his cab stolen by a woman wielding a machete. Investigators learned that McDonald hailed the taxi and requested a ride to several locations. When the driver asked the suspect to pay the fare, she then threatened the driver with a machete and drove off with the taxi, leaving the driver on the sidewalk.

VicPD officers were able to monitor the stolen vehicle’s location as it headed towards Saanich. VicPD officers liaised with Saanich Police who attempted to pull over the taxi; however, McDonald drove away. Saanich Police officers did not pursue the taxi due to the risk a high-speed chase could have to the public.

Instead, officers continued to monitor the stolen taxi, as it traveled to the West Shore. West Shore RCMP were advised and successfully brought the stolen vehicle to a stop using a spike belt. McDonald was taken into VicPD custody where she remains pending a future court date.

“Incidents like this threaten our collective sense of security, but the citizens of our communities should feel confident that their police departments are working together to keep them safe. I’m proud of the quick response and ongoing coordination from our officers in using all the resources available to them to maintain control of the situation and ensure this suspect was taken into custody,” said Deputy Chief Jason Laidman.

“West Shore RCMP Frontline officers acted quickly after receiving information from Victoria and Saanich Police Departments,” said Inspector Stephen Rose, Officer in Charge of Operations at West Shore RCMP. “Our officers were able to stop the stolen vehicle and take the suspect into custody thereby preventing them from inflicting further harm to our communities. This is a great example of how our police agencies shared critical information and worked together efficiently.”

VicPD is investigating the robbery aspect of this incident, while Saanich Police and Westshore RCMP are handling the driving-related aspects.

Further details about this investigation cannot be shared at this time as the matter is now before the courts.