3.5 Response Time

Timely responses to calls for service can help reduce further harm to victims or property, increase the likelihood of successfully apprehending offenders, and meet the public’s expectations. Priority 1 calls are the most serious emergency calls and require immediate police response. They involve a risk of loss of life or grievous bodily harm. Examples include in-progress abductions, assaults, domestic disputes, home invasions, robberies, sexual assaults, screams for help, shootings, stabbings, and suicidal persons. Priority 2 calls are urgent calls that require immediate police attention such as a residential break and enter in progress. Response times are calculated using “time received” to “time on scene” using standard police data analyst quality control methodology. This chart shows response times for priority 1 and priority 2 calls.

To interact with the chart, you can filter by year on the right side by clicking once on the desired year. You can also filter by priority type to focus on a specific priority. Alternatively, click directly onto the chart and confirm the selection by clicking the green checkbox.